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Indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport

Many sportsmen and women use hyperbaric chambers both for physical preparation and to recover after a major sporting effort. The Estepona Hyperbaric Medical Centre has been visited by several elite athletes who have tested how hyperbaric oxygen works. Today we wanted, in a synthesized form, the main indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport. Indications of […]

Symptoms of Autism

To put it simply, autism is a neurological disorder that mainly affects social, communicative and linguistic skills. This implies that the child has trouble interacting with other children, as soon as he speaks or his first words take a long time to arrive, and does not usually make eye contact.

What is autism?

Uno de los tratamientos principales que tenemos en el Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona es la oxigenoterapia hiperbárica neurológica. Más concretamente, nos hemos especializado en el tratamiento de personas con autismo, sobretodo en la aplicación en niños. Because of this, we wanted to talk about this disorder so that we can better understand what it encompasses and […]

First congress Estepona Yoga Nature

On 13 and 14 July 2019 Estepona will become the Mecca of Yoga with the first congress Estepona Yoga Nature, in which Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona is part. Today we tell you all about this free event where Yoga will be the protagonist. What is Estepona Yoga Nature Yoga Estepona Naturaleza is the first free […]