Symptoms of Autism

Although every child with autism is different, it is true that there are a number of signs or symptoms of autism that are common and easy to recognize for anyone close to the patient.

Symptoms of Autism in Children

To put it simply, autism is a neurological disorder that mainly affects social, communicative and linguistic skills. This implies that the child has trouble interacting with other children, as soon as he speaks or his first words take a long time to arrive, and does not usually make eye contact.

According to the Spanish Autism Confederation, the symptoms of autism can be structured according to the age of the child resulting in the following three groups:

Up to 12 months

  • Does not react when called by name
  • He doesn’t play social games like “cuckoo-trastrastras.”
  • Does not babble
  • Does not make gestures in relation to his environment to pick up or point at objects

Between the ages of 12 and 18 months

To the previous demonstrations should be added the following:

  • Doesn’t talk or try to say easy words like dad, mom, or water.
  • Diverts the look and makes no eye contact
  • Does not interact with objects, animals, family…etc.
  • Doesn’t point or gesture either
  • Sometimes he has unusual responses to sound stimuli.

Around 24 months

  • Does not speak in sentences of more than two words, does not imitate or reproduce other people’s words or expressions.
  • Has difficulty maintaining eye contact when spoken to, and does not follow objects with the gaze.
  • He doesn’t engage in play with other children, and he doesn’t seem to like being with other people.

It must be very clear that if a child has any of these symptoms in isolation, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is autistic. If any of these signs are detected, the recommendation is to see a specialist who will evaluate the child and determine his or her condition.

Treatment of Autism in Children

At the Estepona Hyperbaric Center we specialize in the treatment of children with autism with oxygen therapy. The first medical consultation is free of charge.

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