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At the Estepona Hyperbaric Center we are specialized in diseases derived from neurological damage.

Cerebral palsy is formed by a group of disorders derived from brain damage that affects people’s ability to move, maintain balance or perform basic everyday actions such as using scissors.

Our centre is an international reference in Child Neurological Damage.

In this collection of articles we will bring you information about this disease. To do this we will talk about topics as interesting and necessary as cerebral palsy in children, symptoms, types, symptoms, the origin and causes, treatment with oxygen therapy … and much more information that we will create to nourish this section of our blog.

In addition, we will talk about cases of people who have passed through our center and have received oxygen therapy treatment. We will see how hyperbaric medicine has helped them and what changes they and their family have noticed.

Symptoms of an ICTUS

A stroke is one of the most frequent vascular diseases in Spain, so much so that it affects more than 110,000 people a year, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) . Another of the most interesting data given by SEN is the fact that 90% of stroke cases can be prevented.

Because of this, early detention is so important. In order to do this, it is necessary to recognize the symptoms of a stroke and thus be able to act accordingly, going to the nearest health centre or calling directly to emergencies.

Symptoms of a stroke

Let’s analyze the main symptoms of a stroke that we can detect in the early stages of the disease.

Numbness or weakness

If the person notices sleeping on one side of the face, tingling in the arm or leg, it is probably because he or she is having a stroke.

Difficulty speaking

This symptom is closely related to the previous one since the numbness on one side of the face will cause a difficulty in speech, which the patient may not notice, so people around him should be very attentive if he begins to talk strange, work or simply not understood.

Crooked mouth

We continue to chain symptoms, in addition to numbness and speech difficulty, we must add an aspect of crooked mouth, a gesture that can not be controlled. In order to check whether it can be controlled or not, the patient must be asked to smile. If he can’t, something happens.

Alteration of the senses

A stroke can also cause loss of vision in one or both eyes, discomfort or ringing in the ear, altering the sense of smell … etc. This occurs because the brain, to be suffering a deficit, is unable to process the stimuli that come related to the senses.


For the same reason that the senses are altered, the person may feel very confused suddenly, disoriented and even suffer memory loss. In addition, you may feel like you are on the verge of fainting.

You have to understand that the person who is suffering may not even be aware of it because they may find themselves confused, with their senses failing and without understanding what is happening. Being able to recognize any of these symptoms of a stroke, either by the person who is suffering as by the people around him, is very important to achieve treatment and reduce the risks as much as possible.

ICTUS Treatment

For those who have suffered an ICTUS, resorting to hyperbaric medicine can help them recover, along with your doctor’s instructions. Hyperbaric oxygen helps axonal regeneration, which decreases cerebral edema, as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect.

The increase in oxygen available in the blood plasma vascularizes the affected area, so that the adjacent areas can recover the functions lost after a stroke quickly.

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Infantile Cerebral Palsy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Our center has a professional specialized in the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy thanks to hyperbaric medicine. Due to this, today we wanted to talk a little more in depth about the symptoms, causes and treatments indicated in children suffering from this pathology.

Definition of Childhood Cerebral Palsy

Pediatrician José Galbe Sánchez-Ventura, in his article for the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, defines this disease as..:

Infantile cerebral palsy (PCI) is a disorder of the muscular tone of posture or movement that occurs in a developing brain and by a cause that does not act permanently or progressively […] It is properly a syndrome. That is to say, it is a set of disorders or alterations that can be due to many causes.

Causes of cerebral palsy in children

Usually this syndrome occurs before birth, ie prenatal, although in many cases it is unknown exactly why it occurs.

The most common causes of cerebral palsy in children are due to:

  • Lack of oxygen in the brain during childbirth.
  • Neonatal infections, which cause inflammation of the brain.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury to the Baby
  • Maternal Infections
  • Genetic mutations
neurological damage in children 01

Symptoms of Infantile Cerebral Palsy

In addition to the problems of movement and coordination related to this pathology, there are other signs that may indicate that the minor suffers cerebral palsy. It is very important to also take into account the age of the child, as the symptoms may vary.

Babies less than 6 months old

  • Your body is usually stiff or, conversely, very flabby.
  • When he lifts them up, he hangs their heads backwards. In addition, their legs are crossed and stiffened-
  • By holding the baby in cradled arms, they try to stretch the back and neck excessively, as if they were constantly trying to move away.

Babies between 6 and 10 months old

  • If left on a surface, they don’t roll.
  • They have difficulty putting their hands together or putting them in their mouths.
  • They stretch out one hand to grab things and hold the other grip.

Babies over 10 months old

  • When crawling, they do so with only one leg and only one arm, dragging the opposite extremities.
  • They tend to jump around because they can’t crawl.
  • It’s hard for them to stand stiff.

Treatment for infantile cerebral palsy

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, our centre specialises in the treatment of children suffering from this pathology and is an international reference in Child Neurological Damage.

Benefits such as hyperbaric medicine (HBO) are currently proven:

HBO has been used in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. It is based on the fact that the administration of small amounts of oxygen may help to wake up.of myelin-producing cells of the nervous system and protectors of nerve fibers. It is believed that if these brain areas receive large amounts of oxygen, they may become functional, which would improve spasticity and other symptoms related to cerebral palsy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Pediatrics. J.M. García-Cubillana de la Cruz, A. Martínez Izquierdo, F. Samalea Pérez, E. Salas Pardo, J. Martínez Infante. Pediatrics Service; Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Service.Hospital General de la Defensa San Carlos. San Fernando (Cádiz)
Hyperbaric Medicine Vangiardia Technology

We remind you that the first medical consultation is free, where our doctor will evaluate the child’s case and determine in what and how hyperbaric medicine can help.

Treatment for neurological damage, have you tried the hyperbaric chamber?

Dr. Nina Subbotina explains in her famous book ‘The Hyperbaric Chamber. Science, not miracle’ of how treatment with Hyperbaric Medicine can help in the treatment for neurological damage.
Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona is an international reference in Child Neurological Damage.

One of the least known benefits of oxygen therapy is that it is an excellent therapy for children with cerebral palsy, one of the hardest neurological damage in medicine today.

“The informative action of hyperbaric doctors must be similar to the mechanism of action of hyperbaric oxygen, which penetrates into little vascularized strata (poorly receptive medical class) and tries to generate a concern to enter into the knowledge of this medical therapy, as a neovascularization,” explains Dr. Rafael Sanchez, doctor of Centro Médico Hiperbárico Estepona.

Neurological damage in children 01
Jorge’s story and his treatment for neurological damage in hyperbaric chamber.

Jorge is a man who saw how his life turned 180º when he suffered three myocardial infarctions that caused him celebral damage. From this history, and from the tireless search for an improvement in his quality of life, the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona was born. After suffering 3 heart attacks, remaining in a coma and barely having any movement, thanks to the hyperbaric medicine treatment he can tell us today about his experience.

You can see the visible improvement in Jorge after going through this treatment:

Thanks to oxygen today I can walk, I can move. From being in a coma to being able to do this, I tell you the recovery you can have. Jorge

This is just one of the many cases that have been treated at the Estepona Hyperbaric Center with patients with treatments related to neurological damage.
If you need more information, remember that the first medical consultation is free.

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Advantages of hyperbaric chamber therapy for neurological damage in children

Neurological damage in children

Cerebral palsy describes a broad group of neurological disorders that are often caused by the fetal distress of the child during delivery. The most common cause is a lack of oxygen, which results in what is called anoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy.

The clinical picture includes motor disorders, alterations in the sensory sphere, hearing, vision and thinking. Some patients simultaneously have symptoms of epilepsy, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

We therefore see that the picture can be very different depending on the severity of the damage to the central nervous system. Symptoms usually appear before the child reaches the age of 3 years, being more common its appearance between 12 and 18 months, when parents observe that they do not develop their basic motor functions, which allow them to sit, maintain the sitting position, crawl or kneel, later get up and walk.

hyperbaric medicine autism 01

Cerebral palsy causes different types of psychic disability. The alteration of movement limits the child to actively explore the world and to know it; the lack of independence creates social consequences of this disease.
Advantages of hyperbaric chamber therapy for neurological damage in children

There is no cure for cerebral palsy, but the aim of treatment is to improve functional skills that facilitate independence and improve quality of life. One of the most important purposes is to reduce muscle stiffness or spasticity, as this can be very painful and is one of the most common symptoms.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used in the treatment of cerebral palsy. What is the rationale for this therapeutic option?

The damaged areas of the brain are in a state of metabolic penumbra, that is to say, a state in which the neurons have a decrease in blood flow that prevents these cells from transmitting electrical signals, that is to say, they are alive but do not exercise their function normally. The neurons in these areas are lazy, but when stimulated they can become functional cells. These neurons need oxygen. Under conditions of hyperbaric oxygenation they become metabolically active and can function again.

HMCE is a hyperbaric medicine centre which, very aware of these patients and their family environment, has been developing specific protocols for their treatment. Many children have been and are being treated at the HMCE, and it is currently a reference centre at European level for treatment with HBO to treat neurological damage in children.
For more information, you can make an appointment with our doctor, specialist in hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy, to analyze your case in depth without commitment. The first medical appointment is free of charge.

Eiden recovers satisfactorily thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen

.Hyperbaric medicine achieves excellent results for the girl who suffered severe brain damage after falling into a swimming pool.

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The Estepona Hyperbaric Center collaborates with “Caminando con Yeray”.

The Estepona Hyperbaric Medical Center treated Yeray, a child with cerebral palsy, for three weeks.

Yeray, a child affected by cerebral palsy

The Hyperbaric Centre offers Yeray and his family treatment and accommodation in Estepona and would like to invite the media to learn first-hand about the case of this child, who will turn four on 4 March.

We will also promote the cause supported by Yeray’s parents, who seek to raise funds so that they can provide Yeray with the treatments he needs.

Starting Monday, you can buy T-shirts and bracelets at the Hyperbaric Center to support this valuable cause and find out how else you can lend a hand.

For more information about Yeray: