Events and Promotions at the Estepona Hyperbaric Center

In this section we will inform you about everything related to valuable events in which we participate or attend, whether related to health, sports, hyperbaric medicine, the latest advances in oxygen therapy, etc.

In addition, we will also share information about the promotions that we are launching in the Centro Hiperbarico de Estepona.

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Give Health this Christmas | 3 Sessions for 399€.

What better way to give health this Christmas? The HIperbaric Center of Estepona offers you a pack of 3 sessions of hyperbaric chamber for only 399€, so you can give it to whoever you want or give yourself a self-gift of 10.

promo christmas 2019 02

If you are interested in this pack you have until January 7 to get it. You can come to the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona to get it at Avenida España, 242, Estepona, calling 952 806 796 or sending your data in the form you will find by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions about the hyperbaric chamber sessions remember that you can talk to our doctor, specialist in hyperbaric medicine, without obligation.

What are the applications of hyperbaric medicine?

The effectiveness of hyperbaric medicine has been demonstrated in many medical fields, among which the following stand out:


Another of the fundamental indications of hyperbaric oxygen is chronic pain and Fibromyalgia, fundamentally Fibromyalgia. It is a prevalent pathology in women of very disabling adult age and we achieve through hyperbaric oxygen some very specific protocols, very determined to ensure that these people end up asymptomatic and do not have to take more medication in the future.

Neurological Damage and Cerebral Palsy

Neurological lesions, both acquired and perinatal, as a consequence of a dystocic birth, are susceptible to being treated by means of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with very interesting results, because they diminish the symptoms allowing a considerable recovery of these patients, depending on the level of affectation they have but always a considerable recovery. It is indicated for both adults and children.

hyperbaric center of estepona 03

Performance and Sports Injuries

In sport, hyperbaric oxygen has three indicationsfundamental:

  1. Increased performance in the training phase
  2. Treatment of injuries, in fact we know many athletes of a certain name who use it to shorten recovery times.
  3. Eliminate overtraining, overtraining syndrome.


Since hyperbaric oxygen generates a greater proliferation of collagen, natural collagen of very good quality. It could be perfectly indicated in the search of improvement of the aesthetics of the people who are submitted to this type of treatments.

Stress and Fatigue

Other demands of hyperbaric oxygen treatment are people suffering from stress and chronic fatigue. The use of this medical treatment clearly benefits these people, with a clear reduction of this stress, allows a better tiredness, sleep perfectly and can lead a magnificent life without any medication.

We are aware of more medical fields in which oxygen therapy proves its effectiveness such as ulcers and wounds, osteoomyelitis, Lyme disease, Autism, diabetes … Learn all about hyperbaric medicine in Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona.

Why should I donate blood? Blood donation in Estepona

Blood Donation Christmas Campaign in Estepona

A mobile unit of the Centro Regional de Transfusiones Sanguíneas and Banco Sectorial de Tejidos in Málaga visits Estepona again to carry out the usual blood and plasma donation campaign. It will take place on 10, 11 and 12 December, from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and from 17:00 to 21:00 hours in the Parroquia de los Remedios. And on the 13th in the Parroquia del Carmen at the same times.

The blood type is 0 negative is usually the most requested because, in addition to being the universal donor, is the one that tends to abound less.

Why should we donate blood?

As we all know, blood cannot be manufactured and is tremendously important for health, operations and emergencies. In addition, this may not be known to everyone, the blood expires.

Blood is the most valuable gift we can give to another person: the gift of life. The decision to donate blood can save one life, or even several if the blood is separated into components – red blood cells, platelets and plasma – that can be used individually for patients with specific diseases.

Organización Mundial de la Salud OMS

How to Prepare to Donate Blood

There are a number of recommendations to follow before making a donation:

  • Don’t go on an empty stomach
  • Try to make the previous meal low in fat.
  • At least not to have smoked an hour of the donation
  • Get a good night’s rest the night before

Who can donate blood

Not everyone can donate blood, as we must meet a number of requirements.

  • Be between 18 and 65 years old
  • Minimum weight: 50kg
  • You cannot donate when you have a cold, flu, sore throat, mouth sores, gastric infection, or any other infection.
  • After tattooing or piercing you can not donate for 6 months
  • Blood should not be donated without the minimum hemoglobinemia required for donation: not less than 12.0 g/dL for women and 13.0 g/dL for men. The test will be done at the donation center at the time.
  • Can’t donate people with HIV
  • Nor can women who are breastfeeding

If you have a special case or doubts about your condition, we recommend that you ask and tell the medical professionals before the donation.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a clear, slightly yellowish liquid that accounts for 55 % of total blood volume.

Blood cells are suspended in the plasma: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Of the 5 liters of blood that an average person of 70 kilos has, about 3 liters are plasma.

Open Days at the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona

Next 22nd of May, from 10 am to 2 pm, we hope to see you at the Open Days at the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona.

In these open days, the team of the center will be responsible for showing and explaining what hyperbaric medicine is and how it works. You can take this opportunity to ask any doubts or questions you may have about this treatment, as we will be delighted to attend you.

Very attentive all since between all the assistants a session of hyperbaric chamber will be raffled.

We remind you that HBO sessions are a form of prevention and benefit to improve our quality of life.

Recovery from sports injuries, bone fractures, neurological damage, autism, relief from the effects of radiotherapy or burns and the reduction of stress and chronic fatigue are also some of the indications recommended to be treated by hyperbaric medicine.
How to Participate

To participate you only have to attend on Wednesday 22 May from 10 to 14 hours to the Open Days at the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona and leave us your details. Simple, isn’t it?
We look forward to seeing you on May 22nd at the Open Days at the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona!

Estepona Hyperbaric Center at Fitur 2019

Today, January 23rd, the thirty-ninth edition of the International Tourism Fair begins in Madrid, and Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona is present for another year in this fair so recognized and important at an international level.

Fitur 2019

This year, the International Tourism Fair is held from 23 to 27 January in the Ifema pavilions in Madrid, occupying an area of 67,495 square meters in which we can find 886 exhibitors.

The director of the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre, Sady Alexandra Licituña, has moved one more year from Estepona to be present at Fitur 2019, where the tourist, leisure and sports offer of Estepona has been presented.

Fitur 2019 01

Sady Alexandra Licituña with the President of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno

Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona has shared a stand with the tourism magazine Pasión por Estepona.

Finally, we would like to share with you the promotional video that we presented in the previous edition of the International Tourism Fair, where the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre was presented showing visitors the numerous benefits of hyperbaric medicine.

Wondergay 2018 Solidarity Gala

The Estepona Hyperbaric Center was one of the collaborators in the Wondergay 2018 Solidarity Gala.

The Wondergay 2018 Solidarity Gala is an event held with the objective of raising funds for the benefit of the Associations Are Our Children and Surrogacy in Spain.

Wondergay Solidarity Gala 2018 01
On September 26th, at Room Mate Óscar, Madrid, the Wondergay 2018 Solidarity Gala was held.

In this edition, the Wondergay Solidarity Gala has had a clear clamor, claiming the Surrogacy as a right of families who can not gestate their children, in addition to the regulation of Surrogacy in Spain. This also includes the visibility of different family models, which deserve equal treatment by society.

Wondergay 2018 Solidarity Gala 03

Faces as well known as those of Sofia Cristo, Daniel Marcel, Tania Llasera, Angela Medina, Carlos Marrero and Rakel, among others, attended the gala.
This gala was a great success and from the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona we hope to be able to participate in the next edition.

We’re launching a new website!!

We are very happy and excited to present the new website of the Centro Hiperbarico de Estepona.

A new web page where the following characteristics stand out:

Much friendlier
Nearest language
Easy to navigate
With customer testimonials

As Pablo Martín, Director of Virtuality4D, told us through LinkedIn:

A hyperbaric center like yours didn’t deserve another page that isn’t there!

A before and an after in the web of the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona

Let’s do a little review of how the web was before comparing how the new website is now. We think that this is how we really appreciate the changes we have made, always thinking of everyone who visits the online headquarters of the center.

Main new website HMCE

Athletes new website HMCE

In addition, complete sections have been modified in order to make medical information much more accessible to all audiences. An example of this is the Medical Treatments section. With a much more visual and simplified design the person who visits the web will be able to feel much more comfortable.

New pathologies HMCE website

On the other hand, new sections have been included such as patient reviews, which you can find in the Patients section, where you will also have, catalogued by pathologies, testimonies of patients who have been treated at the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre and who tell us what their experience has been like.

testimonials new website HMCE

All we can do now is recommend that you visit the new website of the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre, that you discover all the changes and that you get in-depth information on all the work we do with our hyperbaric chambers, the benefits both for more serious pathologies and for treating stress, fatigue or recovering the light from the skin, or as a treatment for elite sportsmen and women. We are waiting for you!
If you have any questions, please visit our new Contact section.

Announcing the winner of the Rotary Club Marbella Sweepstakes

Today we want to bring you a very special announcement, and is nothing more and nothing less than the winner of the Sweepstakes held at the gala dinner of the Rotary Club Marbella.

We put a little background, last July 20 was held the 33rd edition of the charity gala of the Rotary Club Marbella, in which, this year, the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona donated a session of hyperbaric chamber for welfare and beauty.
The lucky winner of this fabulous prize was Maria Pacheco Rey. Congratulations!

Rotary Club Marbella

Here she is after having received her oxygen therapy session at the Estepona Hyperbaric Center, together with Sady Alexandra Licintuña, Founder and Director of the Estepona Hyperbaric Medical Center, in addition to being the president of the Estepona Rotary Club.

For anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits it has for the welfare and beauty of the hyperbaric chambers you have all the information on the website of the Estepona Hyperbaric Center.

II Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine HMCE

Thanks to Estepona City Council, sponsors and collaborators and above all, to the professionals who have accompanied us during the celebration of #IICONGRESODEMEDICINAHIPERBARICA HMCE Estepona and who have contributed that it has been a success.

With more than a hundred attendees from all fields of medicine, the Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine HMCE, reaches its 2nd edition, consolidating itself as one of the events of national reference in this medical specialty. These have been its main moments.

The Centro Médico Hiperbárico de Estepona HMCE is organising this second international meeting on the latest developments in the application of Hyperbaric Medicine with recognition of Scientific-Sanitary Interest.