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At the Estepona Hyperbaric Center we specialize in the recovery of athletes with hyperbaric medicine and in increasing sports performance thanks to oxygen therapy.

Sports and hyperbaric oxygenation go hand in hand in many ways. Its applications are evident: recovery from injuries, overtraining, improvements in performance. Hyperbaric oxygen is increasingly a perfect complement for athletes.

In addition, we will talk about cases of athletes, both elite and amateur, who have passed through our center and have received oxygen therapy treatment. We will see how hyperbaric medicine has helped them and what changes they have noticed in their sports performance.

Indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport

Many sportsmen and women use hyperbaric chambers both for physical preparation and to recover after a major sporting effort. The Estepona Hyperbaric Medical Centre has been visited by several elite athletes who have tested how hyperbaric oxygen works. Today we wanted, in a synthesized form, the main indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport.

Indications of hyperbaric oxygen in sport

In sport, hyperbaric oxygen has three fundamental indications:

1.- Increasing performance in the training phase

Treatment of injuries, in fact we know many athletes of a certain name who use it to shorten recovery times.

3.- Eliminate overtraining, overtraining syndrome.

What is Overtraining?

Shephart, defined chronic fatigue syndrome or overtraining “as the appearance of a state of exhaustion disproportionate to the intensity of the effort made, lasting 6 months or more”. In high competition, chronic fatigue is the consequence of overtraining.

Angeles Prada, Medical Director. Victoria Eugenia Red Cross Hospital

60% of long distance runners suffer from it at some time in their sporting lives, adds Dr. Prada.

The elite sportsmen Godo Díaz and Antonio "Tornado", paddle tennis and Kickboxing professionals respectively, benefit from Hyperbaric Medicine.
The elite sportsmen Godo Díaz and Antonio “Tornado”, paddle tennis and Kickboxing professionals respectively, benefit from Hyperbaric Medicine.

Treatment with hyperbaric medicine in sportsmen and women

Consult your case at the moment and we will tell you what and how we can help you. The first medical consultation is free of charge.

Benefits of oxygen therapy in sports performance

One of the most interesting applications of oxygen therapy can be found in the sports world as hyperbaric oxygen helps to improve sports performance. Would you like to know more? Well, keep reading that we’re telling you everything today on the blog of Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona.

Oxygen therapy in sport

At Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona we receive many athletes throughout the year who seek either to reduce the recovery time from a sports injury or to increase their sports performance with the hyperbaric chamber sessions. From triathletes, to world famous tennis players, paddle players… Athletes from all disciplines have visited our centre in Estepona.

performance-sport-oxygen therapy Mari Carmen Villalba Sánche
Together with Mari Carmen Villalba Sánchez

But why is this?

Hyperbaric medicine consists of supplying oxygen at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure in hermetic chambers prepared for it. The direct consequence of this treatment is the increase of oxygenation in the tissues, which translates into a much faster recovery of the lesions. In the case of elite sportsmen and women, the sooner they recover, the sooner they can return to practise their sport at full capacity.

Benefits of oxygen therapy in sports performance

Not only does it help with injuries, but it also contributes to improving sports performance as it allows you to recover much better from intensive training and from the fatigue that accompanies athletes so much.

Basically, sessions in hyperbaric chambers make athletes:

  • Increases muscle energy
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Helps you recover from fatigue
  • Prevents sports injuries

“It really helps, especially to recover after an exhausting game. It’s like a special ship with very advanced technology.

Novak Djokovic, The Wall Street Journal

Improved sports performance in hyperbaric chamber

Thanks to the oxygen therapy you will reach some marks never dreamed by you. At the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre we have hyperbaric chambers to carry out this type of treatment. If you are an athlete and would like to try it, ask for your medical appointment now. The first medical appointment is free of charge.

I want to try oxygen therapy.

First congress Estepona Yoga Nature

On 13 and 14 July 2019 Estepona will become the Mecca of Yoga with the first congress Estepona Yoga Nature, in which Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona is part.

Today we tell you all about this free event where Yoga will be the protagonist.

What is Estepona Yoga Nature

Yoga Estepona Naturaleza is the first free outdoor congress held in Estepona where, in addition to practicing yoga and other disciplines, the event will be full of activities, areas for children, chill out places and massages to relax, a dedicated space for conferences and also will have a stage where you can enjoy music, dance and scenic activities.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy healthy food, with vegan diets, for everyone.

Activities offered at the Yoga event

Remember that, as mentioned above, ALL activities will be FREE.

For the development of the same, Yoga Estepona Nature will count on:

  • 8 speakers who will plow tips on healthy living.
  • 6 masseurs who will be delighted to offer you that massage you so much need.
  • More than 14 artists who will delight with their art on the pole dance bar, circus shows, theater, dance, dance, live music, ecstatic dance and more.

Schedule of activities

Yoga Estepona Nature Schedule

How to get to Yoga Naturaleza Estepona

The congress will be held in the landscaped park of Playa del Ángel.

We leave you with the map of the event so that you can enjoy the congress in its maximum splendor.

Yoga Nature Estepona Map

From Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona we encourage you to attend this unique Yoga congress on the Costa del Sol. Make the most of it, come with your family, and relax with all the activities they propose us. Let the stress go and spend a weekend remembering where body and soul will be one in harmony.

Golf and hyperbaric medicine

Sports medicine has the following fundamental objectives:

Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of those injuries or conditions arising from exercise on the human body.
Treatment of the rehabilitation of traumatic injuries suffered by athletes.
Physical preparation of the athlete to obtain the maximum performance.

In the physical preparation of golf, the compensation of imbalances and the protection of the spine should be emphasized in order to avoid injuries. The following elements are involved in the practice of golf:

Wrists and forearms, which suffer great stresses in the hits and braked by the weight of the club.
It is the joint most involved, especially in the braking of the swing.
Thoracic musculature, which should stabilize the spine by hitting and braking the turn by rotation.
Adequate foot support, which provides stability and balance, as its lack of control will generate a poor hit.

Hyperbaric oxygen would be indicated in overtraining syndrome, in the treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries, in the post-operative period of joint and muscle injuries and also in the physical preparation of the athlete.

Over training is manifested by asthenia, easy tiredness, weight loss, insomnia, dizziness during exercise, late recovery after exercise and alterations in pulse rate and blood pressure. All these symptoms occur in the late stages of training. Oxygen therapy resolves those disorders that have an ischemic nature, without the need to interrupt the physical workload of the training.

As for the treatment of traumatic injuries, the use of HBO should be initiated early, thus reducing the edema and pain of the acute stage, accelerates recovery and return to active training and improves the consolidation of fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Support to the paratriathlete and open water swimmer Javier Mérida

Centro Médico Hiperbárico has collaborated with the sportsman Javier Mérida in his last challenge, already achieved, since March 3, 2017. Javier complemented his training with sessions in our hyperbaric chamber, which he tells us about in this video.

We are proud of him and delighted to see the application of hyperbaric medicine in sport.