Treatment for neurological damage, have you tried the hyperbaric chamber?

Dr. Nina Subbotina explains in her famous book ‘The Hyperbaric Chamber. Science, not miracle’ of how treatment with Hyperbaric Medicine can help in the treatment for neurological damage.
Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona is an international reference in Child Neurological Damage.

One of the least known benefits of oxygen therapy is that it is an excellent therapy for children with cerebral palsy, one of the hardest neurological damage in medicine today.

“The informative action of hyperbaric doctors must be similar to the mechanism of action of hyperbaric oxygen, which penetrates into little vascularized strata (poorly receptive medical class) and tries to generate a concern to enter into the knowledge of this medical therapy, as a neovascularization,” explains Dr. Rafael Sanchez, doctor of Centro Médico Hiperbárico Estepona.

Neurological damage in children 01
Jorge’s story and his treatment for neurological damage in hyperbaric chamber.

Jorge is a man who saw how his life turned 180º when he suffered three myocardial infarctions that caused him celebral damage. From this history, and from the tireless search for an improvement in his quality of life, the Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona was born. After suffering 3 heart attacks, remaining in a coma and barely having any movement, thanks to the hyperbaric medicine treatment he can tell us today about his experience.

You can see the visible improvement in Jorge after going through this treatment:

Thanks to oxygen today I can walk, I can move. From being in a coma to being able to do this, I tell you the recovery you can have. Jorge

This is just one of the many cases that have been treated at the Estepona Hyperbaric Center with patients with treatments related to neurological damage.
If you need more information, remember that the first medical consultation is free.

Consult your case at the moment and we will tell you in what and how we can help you.

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