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We’re launching a new website!!

We are very happy and excited to present the new website of the Centro Hiperbarico de Estepona.

A new web page where the following characteristics stand out:

Much friendlier
Nearest language
Easy to navigate
With customer testimonials

As Pablo Martín, Director of Virtuality4D, told us through LinkedIn:

A hyperbaric center like yours didn’t deserve another page that isn’t there!

A before and an after in the web of the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona

Let’s do a little review of how the web was before comparing how the new website is now. We think that this is how we really appreciate the changes we have made, always thinking of everyone who visits the online headquarters of the center.

Main new website HMCE

Athletes new website HMCE

In addition, complete sections have been modified in order to make medical information much more accessible to all audiences. An example of this is the Medical Treatments section. With a much more visual and simplified design the person who visits the web will be able to feel much more comfortable.

New pathologies HMCE website

On the other hand, new sections have been included such as patient reviews, which you can find in the Patients section, where you will also have, catalogued by pathologies, testimonies of patients who have been treated at the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre and who tell us what their experience has been like.

testimonials new website HMCE

All we can do now is recommend that you visit the new website of the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre, that you discover all the changes and that you get in-depth information on all the work we do with our hyperbaric chambers, the benefits both for more serious pathologies and for treating stress, fatigue or recovering the light from the skin, or as a treatment for elite sportsmen and women. We are waiting for you!
If you have any questions, please visit our new Contact section.

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