Fibromyalgia patients treated with oxygen therapy: Carmen Escaño and Lina Molina

We begin this new section where we are going to tell you about the evolution of patients who come to the Estepona Hyperbaric Center and try oxygen therapy to palliate and treat, along with their treatments, the diseases they suffer.

We are also going to focus on those people who come to our centre in order to improve their sporting performance, feel full of energy, relieve stress…in short, improve their quality of life.

Fibromyalgia Patients: Carmen Escaño and Lina Molina

We are going to begin this section by relating the experience of two of our patients, Carmen Escaño and Lina Molina. Both suffer from fibromyalgia.

Today we are talking about the so-called silent disease, which incapacitates a high percentage of women, known as Fibromyalgia.

These patients have an evolution superior to 25 years, that generated a very deficient quality of life.

The day-to-day life of a patient with fibromyalgia

Several patients have passed through our centre who refer this ailment and which prevents them from leading a normal life. For them the simple fact of getting out of bed is already very hard. They can go to bed the night before without pain and the next day can not get up from the pain they suffer.

Treatments against fibromyalgia with oxygen therapy

We are pioneers in the treatment of Fibromyalgia with OHB, with avant-garde protocols that show a very important reduction of symptoms, reaching in most cases to the total elimination of pain, not needing further treatment with analgesic medication.

Fibromyalgia Patient Testimonials

We leave you two testimonies of how the use of this medical therapy has changed your quality of life.

Carmen Escaño

Lina Molina

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