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María José Campanario and the hyperbaric chamber against fibromyalgia


María José Campanario alleviates the terrible pains caused by the fibromyalgia she suffers thanks to a hyperbaric chamber.

The wife of the famous right-handed, Jesulín de Ubrique, has long suffered the painful effects of fibromyalgia, which have even led to hospital admission on two occasions last Christmas. Fortunately, it seems that María José Campanario has found in the hyperbaric chamber an ally that helps her, along with her basic treatment, to manage this disease much better.

What is Fibromyalgia?

As many may not know what this disease is, let’s take this opportunity to briefly explain what it is and its symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that affects the skeletal muscle in a generalized way, framed within rheumatic diseases, and which, in addition, is accompanied by problems such as:

Imbalances in the state of mind, being able to provoke anxiety or even depression.
Loss of memory.
Sleep problems
Irritable bowel syndrome

Many of these problems are in turn symptoms of this disease, along with others such as there are specific points on the body that touch feels a sharp pain or fatigue that is overwhelming to wake up.

As María José Campanario herself explained in an interview, fibromyalgia is a very hard disease:

“I hit rock bottom. The medication no longer had any effect on me and I couldn’t sleep, and without sleep you lose the joy, you lose the strength, you lose the desire to eat… you lose everything”.

The hyperbaric chamber of María José Campanario

The hyperbaric chamber used by María José Campanario to palliate the effects of the fibromyalgia that she suffers, what she mainly does is to carry out a treatment called hyperbaric oxygenation.

This treatment consists of the following:

Hyperbaric oxygenation is a medical specialty that consists of introducing the patient into a hyperbaric chamber under a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure to breathe 100% pure oxygen. Under these conditions, the oxygen becomes medicine, initiating a therapeutic activity in the organism.

In short, what is being achieved is to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygenation.

And why is this treatment so good and is it helping María José Campanario so much?

In the words of a doctor who is an expert in hyperbaric medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy works on three levels:The first of them is the sympathicolytic effect that acts on the painful impulses.
that the C-fibers transmit.
The second is the generation of endogenous opioids via nitric oxide.
And the third is that it also acts by blocking the sodium and calcium channels.

Treatments in hyperbaric oxygenation are becoming more and more widespread, as Doctor Viqueira, an expert with more than 38 years of experience in this field, tells us:

Rheumatologists are increasingly referring more public health patients with fibromyalgia to these treatments.

All this leads to the following beneficial effects of this therapy:

Anti-inflammatory effects from vasoconstriction.
It stimulates the cells that produce collagen.
Activates the immune response
Accelerates rehabilitation processes in ligament, bone, joint or muscle injuries.
Decreases symptoms related to depression, anger, sadness, or fatigue
Intervenes in the regulation of oxidative stress
Reduces muscle fatigue
Increases energy at the cellular level

As can be seen, it reduces many of the symptoms suffered by fibromyalgia patients, as is the case of María José campanario.

Treatments in hyperbaric chamber

It is true that in the case of Jesulín de Ubrique’s wife, they have their own hyperbaric chamber at home. This is not necessary since at the Estepona Hyperbaric Center we offer you these treatments, advised by the best professionals in this field. We advise you and study your case so that you can treat your ailments.

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