Effects of Hyperbaric Medicine, real or placebos?

Even today, despite numerous medical documents confirming the efficiency of hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, there are doubts about its effectiveness.

Effects of Hyperbaric Medicine, real or placebos?

We recognize that we understand these reluctances produced by the proliferation of hyperbaric chambers, even in hospitals, which can put at risk the lives of patients since not all of them have all the minimum requirements to impart these therapies correctly.

This reality, which we must face as professionals, was presented at the II Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine organized by the Spanish Association of Hyperbaric and Subaquatic Medicine (ASEMHS), which brought together more than 200 specialists and was held last February 22nd and 23rd, where the medical team of the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre was present for another year.

Dr. Emilio Salas, specialist in Hyperbaric Medicine (HBO) in San Fernando (Cadiz), explained that :

Those doctors who are thinking of working with this medical specialty demand that the chambers reach pressures between 2 and 3 absolute atmospheres and in which oxygen is breathed at 100% concentration to achieve therapeutic levels as occurs in the classic indications of this therapy such as inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO), treatment of radio-induced injuries, decompression diving accidents, inhalation of other toxic gases, gangrene treatment, treatment of wounds of torpid evolution and osteomelitis among other indications.

All members of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine

“According to the scientific literature, therapeutic results are between 2 and 3 absolute atmospheres and it is important to transmit this knowledge to the medical community and administrations”.

We can then affirm what, the effects of hyperbaric medicine are real as long as they are applied correctly and in the proper facilities for it.

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