Treatment for Alzheimer's with hyperbaric chamber

Treatment for Alzheimer’s with hyperbaric chamber

Although today, unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a disease that has no cure. Even so, in recent years there have been studies that shed a little light and hope. Today we are going to talk about the studies that have been carried out using the hyperbaric chamber as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s with hyperbaric chamber

The Alzheimer’s Association, a voluntary health organization that is a leader in Alzheimer’s care, support, and research, defines Alzheimer’s as a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, until they are so severe that they interfere with daily tasks.

People over the age of 65 are the most affected by this disease, although there are cases of younger people suffering from Alzheimer’s, also known as early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Because of this, in these early cases, what Alzheimer’s treatments are currently looking for, in addition to a cure, is to succeed in slowing or slowing down degenerative progress. And this is where hyperbaric medicine comes in.

Scientific study of a diagnosed Alzheimer’s patient treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

One of the latest scientific studies conducted to treat this disease with hyperbaric medicine has been conducted by researchers Paul Harch of Louisiana State University School of Medicine and Edward Fogarty, a radiologist at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine.


For this trial they had the collaboration of a 58-year-old woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, who underwent hyperbaric chamber sessions.

Results of the study

After 40 treatment sessions in hyperbaric chamber, it was demonstrated with image tests, specifically PET: Tomography by Positron Emission, as Hyperbaric Medicine had slowed down the progress of the deterioration caused by the disease in this woman, even temporarily reversing it.

Others that the patient felt better were how her mood improved and her ability to perform activities of daily living. In addition, she showed an increase in energy and activity. He was able to recover his quality of life.

Hiperbaric Medical Center of Estepona

If you need more information about this type of treatment with hyperbaric chamber, make an appointment with our doctor, he will be happy to attend your consultation and determine if hyperbaric medicine can help you. The first medical consultation is free of charge.

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