oxigeno hiperbaricop medicina preventiva

Hyperbaric oxygen as preventive medicine

Oxygen is the food of our cells. Oxygen ensures brain activity, the functioning of the nervous system, glands, muscles and organs.

Hyperbaric oxygen generates immediate general well-being
Widely demonstrated in a multitude of medical and health articles and publications, lack of oxygen primarily affects the brain, since brain cells die without oxygen in the worst case, but low oxygen saturation causes mental problems, confusion and loss of long-term memory.

At a general level, having a low oxygen saturation causes shortness of breath, fatigue and can even cause lung problems.

Having little oxygen in our blood is an immediate cause of lack of energy. Fatigue and tiredness, lethargy and muscle weakness are some of the immediate effects.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
If this happens because of low oxygen, can you imagine for a moment what will happen to your body if you give it an extraordinary dose of oxygen? Well, this is what hyperbaric oxygen therapy does.

Hyperbaric oxygen generates an immediate general well-being, increases the blood supply to all your organs with new and pure food-oxygen, stimulates your immune system to make it stronger and better able to fight against diseases, stimulates the production of collagen and many other effects beneficial for the organism at a general level.

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