Benefits of oxygen therapy in sports performance

Benefits of oxygen therapy in sports performance

One of the most interesting applications of oxygen therapy can be found in the sports world as hyperbaric oxygen helps to improve sports performance. Would you like to know more? Well, keep reading that we’re telling you everything today on the blog of Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona.

Oxygen therapy in sport

At Centro Hiperbárico de Estepona we receive many athletes throughout the year who seek either to reduce the recovery time from a sports injury or to increase their sports performance with the hyperbaric chamber sessions. From triathletes, to world famous tennis players, paddle players… Athletes from all disciplines have visited our centre in Estepona.

performance-sport-oxygen therapy Mari Carmen Villalba Sánche
Together with Mari Carmen Villalba Sánchez

But why is this?

Hyperbaric medicine consists of supplying oxygen at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure in hermetic chambers prepared for it. The direct consequence of this treatment is the increase of oxygenation in the tissues, which translates into a much faster recovery of the lesions. In the case of elite sportsmen and women, the sooner they recover, the sooner they can return to practise their sport at full capacity.

Benefits of oxygen therapy in sports performance

Not only does it help with injuries, but it also contributes to improving sports performance as it allows you to recover much better from intensive training and from the fatigue that accompanies athletes so much.

Basically, sessions in hyperbaric chambers make athletes:

  • Increases muscle energy
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Helps you recover from fatigue
  • Prevents sports injuries

“It really helps, especially to recover after an exhausting game. It’s like a special ship with very advanced technology.

Novak Djokovic, The Wall Street Journal

Improved sports performance in hyperbaric chamber

Thanks to the oxygen therapy you will reach some marks never dreamed by you. At the Estepona Hyperbaric Centre we have hyperbaric chambers to carry out this type of treatment. If you are an athlete and would like to try it, ask for your medical appointment now. The first medical appointment is free of charge.

I want to try oxygen therapy.

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