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The hyperbaric chamber, what it is and how it works

The hyperbaric chamber is the main instrument that we use in the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona to provide oxygen therapy treatments and therapies. As there may be many people who still do not know the operation of these treatments and the use of these cameras, we have prepared this article to show us all the information about it.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us as our doctor, a specialist in hyperbaric medicine, will be happy to answer your questions.

The hyperbaric chamber

The hyperbaric chambers are structures of watertight and hermetic character in which pressures higher than atmospheric pressure are reached.

Normally, in these chambers, pressures of up to 3 absolute atmospheres are reached, which correspond to the atmospheric pressure plus the relative pressure that is reached in the hyperbaric chamber.

Types of cameras

We can find two types of hyperbaric chambers, whose main difference lies in two factors that are the size and mode of pressurization.

Based on these factors we can find:

Single-seat camera
These are the cameras that we have in the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona, with the latest technology.

As its name suggests, these cameras are designed to house only one person, so the treatment is received individually.

How you can appreciate the photography, the stay for patience is very comfortable because the camera has a stretcher on which you can rest peacefully. In addition, at the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona we offer the patient the ability to watch a movie or listen to music during treatment, although many fall asleep as they relax completely.

For those worried about claustrophobia we can ensure that this type of camera is not given, as they are covered by a transparent cylinder that eliminates the feeling of possible confinement.

The session in the hyperbaric chamber lasts between 50 and 80 minutes, depending on the pathology to be treated.

Multiplace camera
Again, as its name clearly indicates, this type of camera allows treating at least two patients at a time, even members of the medical team can stay inside during the session, as long as it is a nurse trained for that purpose.

These cameras are more complex than the individual ones, so they need an area with a basic emergency equipment, which would consist of:

  • Needles and sterile syringes.
  • Gauzes and sterile dressings
  • Phonendoscope and tensiometer.
  • Saline physiological serum and glucose.
  • Water and some sugar, since they help in the activities of equalizing the ears.

We hope that this information about hyperbaric chambers has been useful for you, and that you have been able to know a little better how we work and how are our main working tools, the hyperbaric chambers. In our center in Estepona we have the latest technology in this type of cameras to always offer the best possible service.

For any questions, we are waiting for you at the Hyperbaric Center of Estepona.

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